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Tammy Mapp, Source One

My business is home-based and out of town, so coworking at Split Spaces gives me a central location to work from while my daughter is in care. It has everything a big office would normally offer and I don't need to buy it all myself. The recording studio is going to be useful for some plans I have for the future.

Ryan Norris, Vayeron

Being involved in Split Spaces has been hugely beneficial to our business. It has given us a home base, a network and opportunities being immersed in the in Split Spaces ecosystem. Practice Pitching, participating in accelerator events and access to board room facilities to hold important meetings have all been essential to our success.   

Christopher David, True Nature Retreats

I have a home office that shares a wall with my children's home school space. Split Spaces coworking provides a really nice alternative with a focused environment. I can come here and get a lot more done without as many distractions

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