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Looking for an office space in a creative and entrepreneurial environment?
Searching for a Co-Working space to share, grow and prosper?
Keen to work alongside like-minded people?

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Split Spaces is a community of like-minded people teaming together to create the extraordinary. Join the Split Spaces community to share in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial networking, events, think tanks, mentors, coaches and communications...

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Difficult becomes easy,
Ideas become reality,
One becomes many,
Share, grow, prosper...

Split Spaces - Co-Working Mackay


Split Spaces is Not-For-Profit and is dedicated to supporting businesses and startups in the Mackay region.

Exclusive Deals & Free Stuff

Gain access to a plethora of partner services, discounts, exclusive deals and benefits of being a part of the Split Spaces community

Events / Workshops

Events, workshops, networking, seminars, tutorials, think tanks, social meetz....

Full Service Spaces

Full service spaces provide existing businesses or growing businesses the facilities you would come to expect if you were leasing your own office space, without the lease terms and time.

Business Hub

Split Spaces is the dedicated business hub, network and backbone of the Mackay business community.

Mentoring / Coaching

Providing professional mentoring, coaching and business focus support for all businesses and startups.