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The Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator is a 12-week program for startup founders who are early in their startup journey, including those who currently have a day job and want to make the transition from employee to startup founder.

The program has three core components:

  1. A weekly after-hours 2 hour workshop comprising a mix of facilitator-led discussion and group work. The workshops are structured to follow a logical progression from idea validation to product development, customer acquisition, capital raising and growth. Many of the workshops include a guest presenter who leads a deep-dive discussion on a specific topic.
  2. Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions ensure you keep making progress between the weekly workshops.
  3. A pitch night in which all founders pitch their startup and share their learnings with fellow entrepreneurs. Pitch night is an important milestone and an opportunity to gain valuable media attention for your startup. It is not an investor pitching event, although if you’re ready to pitch to investors we can offer plenty of guidance on how and where to find the right investor.
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By the end of the program you will have:

  • Improved your understanding of startup best practice
  • Validated your idea with customers
  • Identified (and avoided) the most likely causes of failure for your startup
  • Expanded your network to include successful founders and investors
  • Built (at least) a web site and a professional brand
  • Identified a viable business model and revenue streams
  • Become proficient at pitching your startup to investors, potential co-founders, accelerators and customers
  • Mapped out a plan for the next 12 months of growth of your startup

Vital links and lists of resources, funding opportunities and network contacts that can facilitate your journey to success.

The program commences the week of Tuesday, 24th of March 2020 and will run each week (except for Tues, 7th April and another date, decided throughout the program) and we will finish with a Pitch Night on the Friday, 20th of June 2020. Each 2 hour session will commence at 6pm at Split Spaces.

Cost: $990 (incl GST) per place. plus a limited number of scholarships available.

Registration Includes -

• Weekly 2 hour workshops, jam-packed with content and panel discussions in a small group learning format

• Weekly 30 minute mentoring sessions with a variety of mentors at Split Spaces

• A comprehensive set of course materials and readings

• Hot desk access during the program that can be booked at your convenience during the course

• Start the network of support that every startup needs to thrive

• After the course there will be the chance to access the full Split Spaces Member Startup Support Services for 6 months.

• Chance to be selected to pitch at the annual Startup Onramp Pitch Showcase event

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Program Outline

Week 1 - Introduction to startups

  • Introductions and ground rules
  • What is a startup and how does it differ from a small business
  • What is disruptive innovation
  • Understanding startup terminology
  • How to tap into the local startup community

Week 2 - What distinguishes successful startups from failures

  • What does a viable startup idea look like
  • Why your idea doesn't need to be perfect
  • Shared traits of successful startup founders
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes

Week 3 - Value Proposition, Branding

  • Elements of a value proposition
  • How to use the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Principles of good startup naming and branding

Week 4 - Validation part 1

  • The lean startup approach: build, measure, learn
  • Using the lean canvas to hypothesise a business model
  • Using the Validation Board to systematically test assumptions and develop a viable business model

Week 5 - Validation part 2

  • Conducting customer interviews to understand customer needs
  • Validation of hypotheses by getting out of the building
  • How to make sure you're building a product that customers want

Week 6 - Legal basics, PR basics

  • Getting the company legal structure right from the beginning
  • Negotiating a sensible equity split between co-founders, vesting of founder shares
  • How to obtain legal advice cost-effectively
  • How to get media coverage without spending a lot of money
  • How to work with PR professionals

Week 7 - Product development

  • Building a minimum viable product
  • Finding a technical co-founder vs outsourcing
  • How to use an MVP to validate assumptions
  • Introduction to UX and UI
  • User-centric design, user journeys, building products that users will love
  • How to work with designers

Week 8 - Customer Acquisition

  • Introduction to digital marketing / growth hacking
  • How to acquire customers
  • Cost of Acquiring Customers vs customer Life Time Value
  • Virality, paid vs unpaid, understanding growth levers

Week 9 - Raising money from investors

  • How investment works
  • Different types of investors
  • What are investors looking for

Week 10 - Introduction to pitching

  • What makes a compelling startup pitch
  • Different formats and examples
  • Pro tips and common mistakes

Week 11 - Mechanics of Investment

  • Financing legal docs, term sheets, investment terms
  • Dilution, cap tables

Week 12 - Pitch practice

  • Feedback on pitches
  • Program wrap-up and discussion about next steps, accessing the local startup ecosystem

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