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‘Split Spaces’ is a dedicated innovative, creative and entrepreneurial space. Split Spaces is designed to grow, develop, accelerate, nurture and support business in and around the Mackay region, through dedicated co-working spaces, incubation and accelerator programs.

Our co-working space provides ‘Spaces’ for ideas, concepts, businesses and the like to diversify and develop Mackay into an innovative haven. Split Spaces is the home of Mackay’s Entrepreneurial and Start-up concepts and community, with regular events, networking, catchups, programs, presentations and visiting people/groups of interest.

Programs & Events

Mindset Morning Tea

How many of us wake up and hurry through the whole day…barely stopping for a breath?...

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Pitch Perfect

Does the thought of pitching your idea or business to an investor give you the jitters?...

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Futuretechs is the WIM Region’s youth technology program...

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Futurepreneur is a fortnightly program designed to allow you too; Learn, Develop and...

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Other Projects & Coming Soon....

Coworking Spaces

Looking for an office space in a creative and entrepreneurial environment?
Searching for a Coworking space to share, grow and prosper?
Keen to work alongside like-minded people?


Split Spaces is a community of like-minded people teaming together to create the extraordinary. Join the Split Spaces community to share in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial networking, events, think tanks, mentors, coaches and communications...

Membership Plans

(Full - Time)

Well g'day there adventurer, welcome to the family. You have reached the summit and from here it's only success..... with amazing views!You are not just becoming a Split Spaces adventurer; you are joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs within other start-up and small businesses. Becoming a permanent member is the fastest way to get amongst our region’s most forward-thinking and innovative leaders, who are creating waves in the local and extended eco-system (Might even find a Sherpa or two?). Immerse yourself in the local entrepreneurial culture now and step up your business game, let’s bring it on.

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(3 Days per week)

With precision, planning and focus, we know what it takes to be a Ninja and we definitely won't get in between you and your goals...Ninja kit complete with stars and nunchucks, we've got you covered… Day 1, we are high-fiving in the corridor. Second day, we are Facebook friends. Third day, we are sparring and breaking timber beams. Join us for a short week at Split Spaces and leave with a lifetime of memories … oh, and three days worth of 'Ninja' work.

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(2 Days per week)

With nomadic tendencies, we can be flexible enough to satisfy your transitional needs...Being a Nomad, you’re always on the move and just can't commit to a Full-Time space. We have developed the two-day NOMAD pass just for you... all the perks and access of a hot desk but with the added bonus of an extra day every week. We might even add in some optional extras to make your life completely nomadic!

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(Hot Desk)

Ok so you're looking for the best seat in town and it's an in and out type of transaction before your next location....Sounds like you’re a Hitchhiker and we have the membership just right for you.... With access to the collaborative facilities and Wi-Fi, we will set you up so you can work until your next lift arrives. Hold your meetings in a booth or add on the use of a boardroom or workshop space, join us in the breakout space and connect with some cool people while you make the most of the creative environment. Next stop, success.

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Join now and support the BAM Concept. By joining and paying your $20 you are securing your first months membership and once the details and prices are confirmed you'll already be in the 'cool' group. By signing up early, you'll get additional benefits for your support.

*This is effectively the founding members access membership. *

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Membership Plans

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